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Let's Make History Together!

Tavares Briggs believes that the 6th deserves equitable education, safe environments, and greater economic opportunity. Now he’s heading to City Hall to fight for the 6th ward!

Every dollar helps to further the mission to

"Restore, Revive & Represent"

the 6th Ward.

Tavares is working to
Restore, Revive, and
Represent the 6th Ward!

  • Proud resident of Chatham

  • Father and Husband

  • Elementary School Administator

  • Martha Ruggles Local School Council

Tavares on the

Issues That Matter

Kids Playing with Lego

Education Equality

As a current educator, fighting for educational resources for scholars and families is something Tavares is very passionate about.

As Alderman he will advoacte to see all students throughout the 6th ward and the city have will the same aceess to techonogies and opportunities.

Image by Refhad

Public Safety

While canvassing the community, it was made very clear to Tavares by the residents that public safety is a key concern and key issue to voters. 

Tavares pledges to work with the community, families, the police and other city leaders to fight for a safer 6th Ward.

Community Service

Ward Services

Tavares will work diligently to improve the quality of life for all neighborhoods that make up the 6th ward and that starts with services.


It is his goal to ensure all residents have a clean, and safe ward where the services that the tax paying residents expect and deserve, they receive.

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