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Tavares Briggs is a proud resident of the Chatham, Park Manor community. He is a husband, father, and man of faith that is very passionate about serving his community. Growing up as the son of a preacher kid, he learned early on the importance of serving and helping others. Tavares attended Chicago State University along with DePaul University where he participated in student government and became a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated.


Professionally he has worked as an elementary school dean of students and administrator for the past ten years. Working with families to problem solve challenges he learn to sharpen the valuable skill of listening. Partnering with community stakeholders, elected officals, clergy and comnunitiy organizations is something Tavares has done professionally on a daily basis.


 Being a fierce advocate for education resources, mental illness resources and safe neighborhoods for residents is a fight he will to take to city hall. He believes that better funded schools as well as providing resources for parents is key to restoring and reviving our neighborhoods. He also believes that helping small business owners, working with community organizations and funding non-profits in the community would go a long way in helping reshape our community. Beautifying our parks, school buildings and attracting businesses that will increase our property values is very important.


The 6th Ward deserves a leader that will advocate for a cleaner ward and someone who will provide the SERVICES that residents pay taxes for.  That someone is Tavares Briggs.

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