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Tavares on the Issues

Education Equality

Education Inequality is the civil rights issue of our time in my opinion. As a current educator, fighting for educational resources for scholars and families is something Tavares is very passionate about. As a Community Representative for Ruggles Elementary School Local School Council, he was apart of an effort that saw Ruggle's awarded a three million dollar S.T.E.A.M. grant that exposes students to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math and Robotics. As Alderman he will advoacte to see all students throughout the 6th ward and the city have will the same aceess to techonogies and opportunities.

Public Safety

The 6th Ward is a microcosm of Chicago made up of hard working class communities, and other communities that have not experienced economic development at an acceptable rate. Tavares has a vision of the 6th Ward being the Downtown of the Southside. It is imperative to him to attract businesses that want to be partners in the community. Businesses and developments that bring value to our communities. As a homeowner in the ward he would like to see development and businesses that will come and improve property values. He has a goal and a bold vision to double the amount of small business owners. Tavares firmly believes that because unemployment among African-Americans, particularly males, remains higher than that of all other racial groups, the link between poverty and violence cannot be ignored, nor can the clear relationship between economic development and safe, affordable housing for everyone. Tavares is committed to utilizing every resource at his disposal to oversee the Revitalization and Restoration of the GREAT 6th Ward.

Ward Services

To hold the seat of alderperson is not only a privilege, but an opportunity to make change where we need it and to continue the course of progress that this ward deserves. Tavares will work diligently to improve the quality of life for all neighborhoods that make up the 6th ward and that starts with SERVICES. It is my goal to ensure all residents a clean, safe and a ward where the services that our tax paying residents expect and deserve they receive. Tavares envisions a Ward where neighbors’ calls for support are followed up upon  by tightening community partnerships to increase communication on urgent incidents, advocating for evidence-based policy that can help prevent violence city wide, and pushing for more outreach programs in our ward.  The backbone of the best communities is rooted in communities that work together.

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